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Are You on the Voters List?

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for collecting the information of residents in Ontario (name, date of birth, citizenship and school support) in order to create a Preliminary List of Electors for municipal and school board elections. Municipalities will use the Preliminary List of Electors to prepare their Voters Lists for the 2022 Municipal and School Board Elections.

One of the ways MPAC collects this information is through Here, Ontarians can add their name and the names of other members of their household to a secure database and confirm or update their information. This helps ensure that each municipality has the most accurate information possible for the 2022 Municipal and School Board Elections.

Take a few minutes to verify your information at and encourage your friends and family to do the same. The MPAC VoterLookup tool does not allow for the removal of electors. If you require to make deletions, please contact the MPAC Contact Centre at 1 (866) 296-6722.


Common Errors

The most common errors include:

  • Tenants not being on the list or they are on the list and they no longer reside at that address. 
  • The spouse of an owner of a property that is not a "registered owner" at the Land Registry Office 
  • Change of name due to marriage
  • School Support Change 
Corrections to Voters List

Commencing September 1, 2022 (start of Revision Period) during regular business hours (or special extended hours during Voting Period) until the close of polls on October 24, 2022 Voters Help Centres can assist with:

  • ​​​​adding eligible voters who are not currently on the list
  • providing a new Voter Information Letter or PIN if these were lost or never received (the proper identification and information must be provided to the election official)

Satisfactory identification includes:

  1. An Ontario driver's licence.
  2. An Ontario Health Card (photo card).
  3. An Ontario Photo Card.
  4. An Ontario motor vehicle permit (vehicle portion).
  5. A cancelled personalized cheque.
  6. A mortgage statement, lease or rental agreement relating to property in Ontario.
  7. An insurance policy or insurance statement.
  8. A loan agreement or other financial agreement with a financial institution.
  9. A document issued or certified by a court in Ontario.
  10. Any other document from the government of Canada, Ontario or a municipality in Ontario or from an agency of such a government.
  11. Any document from a Band Council in Ontario established under the Indian Act (Canada).
  12. An income tax assessment notice.
  13. A Child Tax Benefit Statement.
  14. A Statement of Employment Insurance Benefits Paid T4E.
  15. A Statement of Old Age Security T4A (OAS).
  16. A Statement of Canada Pension Plan Benefits T4A (P).
  17. A Canada Pension Plan Statement of Contributions.
  18. A Statement of Direct Deposit for Ontario Works.
  19. A Statement of Direct Deposit for Ontario Disability Support Program.
  20. A Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Statement of Benefits T5007.
  21. A property tax assessment.
  22. A credit card statement, bank account statement, or RRSP, RRIF, RHOSP or T5 statement.
  23. A CNIB Card or a card from another registered charitable organization that provides services to persons with disabilities.
  24. A hospital card or record.
  25. A document showing campus residence, issued by the office or officials responsible for student residence at a post-secondary institution.
  26. A document showing residence at a long-term care home under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007, issued by the Administrator for the home.
  27. A utility bill for hydro, water, gas, telephone or cable TV or a bill from a public utilities commission.
  28. A cheque stub, T4 statement or pay receipt issued by an employer.
  29. A transcript or report card from a post-secondary school.

Where to Vote?

Voting in the 2022 Municipal Election will be by telephone or Internet. All eligible voters will receive a Voter Information Letter by mail. This sealed envelope will contain a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and a telephone access number and a secure Internet address for voting.  This allows voters to vote from the convenience of their own homes or office. Contact information for the Voter Help Centre will also be included.

Electors may cast a vote from any location worldwide as long as they have the information in their Voter Information Letter. Both the Ailsa Craig and Parkhill Public Libraries offer wireless internet that can be used as a resource for residents. 

Voter Help Centre

The Voter Help Centre is located at the Shared Services Building- Municipality of North Middlesex Municipal Office

  • 229 Parkhill Main Street, Parkhill, ON N0M 2K0 
  • 519-294-6244 or Toll-Free 1- 888-793-9637

 Eligible voters may attend the Voter Help Centre during the following hours for the voting period:

  • Monday, October 17th thru Friday, October 21st: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday, October 22nd: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Monday, October 24th (Voting Day): 8:30 - 8:00pm
Qualifications of Electors

Under the Municipal Elections Act, a person is entitled to be an elector at an election held in a local municipality if, on voting day, he or she,

  • resides in the local municipality or is the owner or tenant of land there, or the spouse of such owner or tenant;
  • is a Canadian citizen;
  • is at least 18 years old; and
  • is not prohibited from voting under subsection (3) or otherwise by law.
Persons Prohibited from Voting

Under the Municipal Elections Act, the following are prohibited from voting:

  • A person who is serving a sentence of imprisonment in a penal or correctional institution.
  • A corporation.
  • A person acting as executor or trustee or in any other representative capacity, except as a voting proxy in accordance with section 44 (North Middlesex is utilizing alternative voting measures and therefore voting by proxy is not applicable).
  • A person who was convicted of the corrupt practice described in subsection 90 (3), if voting day in the current election is less than five years after voting day in the election in respect of which he or she was convicted. 

Voting Process

As we approach Voting Day, eligible voters should expect to receive a Voter Information Letter in the mail via Canada Post which will include the following:

  • instructions on how to vote using the internet or telephone
  • unique PIN allowing each voter to vote once
  • dates and hours of voting
  • locations and phone numbers of the Voter Help Centre

Should a voter receive more than one Voter Information Letter they must return the other letter(s) to the North Middlesex Municipal Office. Electors will be given an opportunity to change their vote before confirming the vote.  The voting system allows voters to decline from voting if they wish. The Clerk will report the "unofficial" results as soon as practical on or after the close of polls on October 24, 2022, at 8:00 pm.


All Voter Help Centres will be fully accessible to all candidates and electors with disabilities pursuant to the Corporation of the Municipality of North Middlesex Accessibility Policy.

2022 Election Accessibility Plan 
2022 Election Accessibility Compliance Report- Available After Municipal Election

All electors may vote with the assistance of a support person or election official that has taken the appropriate oath.

Free Internet access is available at the Ailsa Craig and Parkhill Public Library.

Online/Telephone eVoting Videos

Resources regarding online voting will be released at a further date. Please monitor this webpage for updates.