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The Municipality of North Middlesex is utilizing the services of the Municipal Enforcement Unit (MEU) for municipal by-law enforcement including Parking, Tidy Yard, Property Standards, Encroachment onto Municipal Land, Open Air Burns.

Most Referenced By-Laws

  • A signed, written Complaint Form must be on file with the MEU or municipal administration before an investigation into non-compliance issues will commence. 
  • In the event a signed/written complaint form cannot be completed (ie: after hours) an email to the MEU containing the full contact information of the complainant, the nature of the issue and 911 location will also be accepted as a signed written complaint.
  • Anonymous complaints will not be investigated
Toll-Free Contact

Municipal Enforcement Unit
Chief Bill Menzie

  • Main Line (Toll-Free) 1-855-900-9119

Please be ready to identify the municipality you are calling from